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 The objective of our founders was to conserve, develop and disseminate those traditions of Italian culture which were in harmony with the traditions of this country. They hoped to create for their neighbors of different racial origins a better understanding of themselves. They felt that their new club should be non-political and non-sectarian and should be constituted for literary, scientific, artistic, social and civic minded purposes. They had an immense pride in their ancestry and wanted to create an atmosphere to remind themselves and their successors of Italy’s contribution to the arts and letters, to science, to architecture and to all of the beautiful things that modern day sociologists refer to as “the quality of life.”

Even today, the foundation laid by our founders evidences itself in the fact that we, too, have an immense pride of our ancestors and a love for their adopted country ~ the United States of America.  They wanted to form a group of their own ~ men of ambition, men instilled with pride for their heritage, yet imbued with a sense of patriotism for their adopted land ~ to gather together in a social setting for self-enrichment, leisure, social and civic service, and good food. Today the Aurora Civic Association sustains with ease its reputation as one of the premier clubs in the State of Rhode Island.

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William Benell – President

Paul J. Damiano – Vice President

Timothy J. Dodd, Esq. – Secretary

Hon. David A. Caprio – Treasurer

Steven A. Pitassi – Immediate Past President

Permanent Directors

Hon. Frank Caprio

Hon. Frank J. Cenerini

Hon. George M. Cappello


Hon. Joseph A. Abbate

Arthur M. Aloisio

Andrew J. Annaldo

Richard P. Baccari II

Hon. David N. Bazar

John D. Biafore, Esq.

Hon. Frank T. Caprio

Hon. Bernard A. Jackvony

Ralph R. Liguori, Esq.

James V. Rosati

Linda D’Amario Rossi

Michael J. Solomon

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